Our Process

Step 1. Discovery & Exploration

Once we’ve focused in on the goal for a project, we start things off by exploring a wide variety of executions. A really wide variety. That way, we don’t rely solely on previous experience to guide our decision making, and we find a solution that’s unique to your brand, and how your audience communicates. From the original concepts we come up with, a small selection will stand out, and move onto the next phase.

Step 2. Refinement

The concepts selected from the previous round are just that; unrefined, unperfected ideas. We take those selected concepts and continue experimenting, iteration after iteration, until our final execution is ready for final delivery. This step especially is fueled by feedback and involvement from our clients so we all stay aligned and in agreement on all changes being made.

Step 3. Review

Our project may be “finished” but we never consider our work complete. With our clients help, we continue monitoring and reviewing real-world performance, and how we’re tracking towards our clients goals. If things stop doing what we expect, we re-assess and adapt to ensure positive performance.

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