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Expert Cybersecurity Consultants, With a Website to Match

Secutor provides industry leading cybersecurity services for small – medium sized businesses. They’re made up of a team of over 50 Information Security and IT professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds. Beyond Secutor’s standards in only hiring top-level cybersecurity consultants, their main differentiator from other cybersecurity firms is the level of care and attention each of their client receives; they’re always in caring, expert hands. Secutor saw a surge of new business in 2020 as businesses focused on their digital infrastructure, but their website was lacking the polish they needed to assure certain prospective customers. They needed a revamped website that clearly communicated their services, and gave potential clients confidence in Secutor’s professionalism.

Secutor also needed assistance in restructuring their service offerings. They often received complaints from their sales team and customers alike that their current service structure made it difficult to understand what was included under certain service packages. While their most requested service was cybersecurity assessments, they had exceptional skills in a variety of areas in which they could service their clients, and were also in the process of building several new, ‘managed’ cybersecurity services. Accomplishing these goals required an entirely new way of structuring Secutor’s sitemap and customer journey so that customers easily understood Secutor’s complex service offering.

  • Web Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Pattern Design
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Web Development

After several detailed discovery meetings and rounds of competitive & target audience analysis, we started exploring ways to reorganize Secutor’s services to make them as intuitive and future-proof as possible. This led us to the simple organization structure of Standard and Managed services, giving us a simple, primary structure that Secutor’s various services can be housed under.

From there, we immediately began exploring styles and building UX & UI strategies for their new and improved web design, beginning with overarching page requirements, moving through each page’s unique content & requirements. Ultimately, we landed on a understated design system that made Secutor’s content and the details behind their services the hero. Soft blues and rounded corners make the website more approachable and friendly, helping to counteract the often serious-tone found in cybersecurity messaging.

A simple call-to-action system built on AJAX allowed customers to be constantly reminded to take action, while providing the user a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Secutor’s final website provided them the tools they need to grow their business, and gave their sales team a proper resource to convert new customers. And in the process of building the Secutor team a new website, we were able to supply them a style guide and simple ruleset to maintain visual consistency across all their entire business.

Initially, Secutor saw a 20% increase in traffic compared to last years performance when the new design was implemented. We continue working with Secutor to redefine their physical and static marketing collateral to align with their new visual identity.

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