Redefining the Identity for Mission-Critical Manufacturing Software

QTEC Solutions was founded in 2002 by industry pioneers to provide fast and reliable data on component obsolescence for a variety of industries producing mission-critical products. In layman’s terms, QTEC Solutions provides a software used by long-life product manufacturers across a variety of industries. Their software, Q-Star, gives these manufacturers critical information about part availability and obsolescence, so manufacturers never run into supply chain or security issues. Their clients include businesses like Boeing, Maywell, Lockheed Martin and more.

While QTEC Solutions has continued improving their software and expanding into additional markets, they neglected their website design, which now felt unfit for a high-tech software company. In addition to their website, we also worked to refine their logo & branding system, which had been left untouched after the company parted ways with their once parent-company, Qinetic,  who had designed the QTEC logo to resemble their own. This lead to redefining QTEC Solutions’ visual identity, giving them an opportunity to improve how they engage customers and how they maintain confidence for prospective customers that QTEC is an industry leading software provider.

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity System / Guidelines
  • Website UX/UI
  • Copywriting
  • Pattern Design
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Web Development

We began by focusing on the new logo design, as decisions made in this phase would help dictate the visual style we’d achieve within their website. Our initial discovery meeting with the client helped refine our focus down to a sharp, technology-focused approach that spoke directly to their largest audience, the aerospace and defense industry. Within this framework, we explored a variety of different approaches before landing on the final design – a logo that focused primarily on the ‘Q’ within QTEC, so the logo design for Q-Star would be immediately recognizable as something QTEC Solutions developed.

Now that we had a refined logo design to work, we used the new web design as a way to explore and solidify the visual identity for QTEC.

After exploring a variety of different layouts and visual styles we could achieve within the website, the client ultimately selected an approach that brought the defense-industry to the forefront, while providing a clear technology focus through the use of section containers and a camo-inspired digital pattern.


The UX behind each page was completely reimagined to give the users an ideal experience, with strategic call to actions enforcing the main goal of obtaining new customer leads.


The final result provided an increase of 100% in site traffic, and the client received nearly double the leads they received from their previous website design.

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