Integrating a new company, a new product line, and a new style.

ICS Diamond Tools makes premium chainsaw equipment made through cutting the hardest materials, focusing on diamond-tip blades and heavy duty construction. With a limited product offering, ICS saw an opportunity for growth and acquired Merit Saws in early 2019, along with their expansive catalog of industrial floor saws specializing in cutting concrete, complementing their product line perfectly.

Due to the timing of their acquisition, Merit and ICS had very limited time to complete their sales catalog, a key piece of collateral used during the majority of their product sales, as well as additional sales materials their salespeople needed for upcoming tradeshows. Their logo was getting redesigned, their product line was getting a paint job, and primarily, their branding needed to align with ICS, while still being a distinct entity with its own product line.

  • Catalog Design
  • Bifold Design
  • Catalog Architecture
  • Branding Guidance
  • Copywriting
  • Photo Editing
  • Iconography

We began by assessing Merit’s photography needs and the current state of their previous catalog. Since we didn’t have the time to order photograph the new design for the saws, we used color graded photography in order to post-produce the new logo and paint job onto the existing photography the client had.

Merit’s previous catalog design was a solid foundation for us to work from, however it lacked consistency in design style, and overall didn’t match the aesthetic that Merit needed to feel like it was apart of the ICS family. From redesigning feature iconography and redesigning page layouts, no stone was left unturned to built a new catalog that wouldn’t leave previous customers guessing where information was, but elevated their experience and confidence in their purchase.

Merit successfully integrated into the ICS family of products in time for key tradeshows and sales opportunities. We continued to support Merit’s integration with a quick guide piece used to quickly communicate Merit’s promise to their customers and their most popular products.

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