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Founded in 1979, Made In Oregon was the first business that took so much pride in the state they came from, they sold nothing but quality items that were made in their home state. From their humble beginnings selling items at the local Saturday Market, they’ve grown to over 7 store-fronts, steadily growing year over year. As a safe haven for craft, Made In Oregon now carries over a thousand locally made products, from home decor to wine and produce.

New management in the Made in Oregon team reached out to us in order to build a strategy and visual identity for their digital presence, as well as for their branding in general. While their brick-and-mortar locations were beautiful and their logo was solid, they never invested or executed a formal identity system as a brand.

  • Website assets
  • Email Design
  • Digital Sales Catalog
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Standards
  • Email Development

Made In Oregon’s e-commerce sales are primarily made up two groups: older Oregonians that want to share a piece of Oregon with loved ones living elsewhere, and younger adults willing to go out of their way knowing their buying something unique and locally crafted. While keeping these individual audiences (and other sub targets) in mind, we primarily focused in on the universal truths held by all these audiences. They loved Oregon, and they loved supporting local craftspeople.

With this in mind, we started by focusing on the unique landscapes of Oregon; both in our cities as well as our forests and natural surroundings. A system of simple illustrations and stamp styles were developed to add an organic and hand made touch, and to begin creating a consistent approach to MIO’s collateral.

We also established a focused email and web campaign around the business owners and craftspeople that fill Made In Oregon’s shelves, “Signature Vendors”. This allowed customers to get more informed about what they’re purchasing and the process that went into creating it.

With a more cohesive identity system, message and new campaigns that inform their customers and highlight key products, Made In Oregon saw an almost immediate jump in open and click rate via their marketing emails, with their open rate increasing more than 30% on average. Made In Oregon continues to connect with the rich and unique culture of the pacific NW, and share it with the world.

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