Creating Jobs and Transforming
Culture in East Africa

Hiinga’s mission is to invest in values-driven entrepreneurs to create jobs and transform culture in East Africa. With the help of investors, they help emerging businesses thrive by providing funding and mentorship to expand their business in ways that would otherwise be impossible. From farmers and educators to healthcare services and state-of-the-art hospitals, Hiinga is doing the groundwork to help transform lives.

Hiinga first contacted Rivetry to help put together an impact report, showing investors how the impact Hiinga has had, and giving them the confidence to continue their support, and not long after the creation of this report, they received an unexpected opportunity to help lead the way in the construction of a brand new hospital that would serve an otherwise drastically underserved community.

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We worked hand-in-hand with Hiinga’s founder to design an impact report targeting the organization’s top investors to continue supporting their mission. The report focused heavily on the individual success stories of these businesses that were breaking new ground thanks to Hiinga’s support, showing investors the direct impact they were having on the lives of their entrepreneurs.

Through these impactful stories, Hiinga received the opportunity from one of their investors to help lead the development of a new hospital with the potential of helping thousands of parents see a successful & safe delivery of their newborn children.

Hiinga successfully received funding and began constructing a new hospital in 2022, and continues working hand-in-hand with emerging entrepreneurs in East Africa – single handedly helping to transform the communities & economy where they work.

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