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Benchmade Knife Company has been selling premium knives since 1986. With recent years of rapid growth and a reputation of quality designs and craftsmanship, Benchmade often works hand-in-hand with custom knife makers to diversify their product offering. From these collaborative knife designs, Benchmade builds a near identical replica to one of the designers custom knives. This further differentiates Benchmade from the competition, and helps them reach new customers. These designers all have a unique way of building their product, but they all share a love for the craft.

While Danny was working in-house with Benchmade’s marketing team, two special products came up for launch simultaneously, from two very different knife designers. The first was the ‘Saibu’, a gentleman’s knife designed by a traditional Japanese craftsman, and the ‘Mini Pocket-Rocket’, a Shane Sibert classic, a perfect representation of the ‘strong-mans’ heavy duty work-knife in a small package. A product launch initiative was needed to support both of these products at an upcoming tradeshow, as well as their customer and dealer websites.

  • Tradeshow Backdrop
  • Additional Large Format Design
  • Web Banner Design
  • Email Design
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Photo Editing

While these products differed tremendously, both products were launching simultaneously, so Benchmade wanted to launch them with a unified campaign featuring both products. This campaign featured digital assets like a product highlight email and web banners, as well as a feature in their booth at an upcoming tradeshow. Benchmade’s blog was also launching at the time, and these designers stories would be the first content they posted.

Benchmade saw a successful product launch follow suit with eager fans ready to get their hands on each model, though most notably the Saibu was the fan favorite. The knife designers also shared their appreciation of the highlight, making the unveiling a success for all parties involved.

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