As some of you may know, Rivetry was first founded as Untapped Creative in 2018. The journey for those first two years lead to some amazing projects and great relationships with our clients. When the challenges presented in 2020 first surfaced, we took it as an opportunity to reanalyze our organizational structure, our services and the values behind the way we work, which led us to needing and wanting to make some permanent changes.

When Untapped first began, we didn’t hone in on what we’re best at. We had a long, open ended list of services and a non-existent industry focus. We wanted to help anyone and everyone; which is a trait we still admire, but we realized rather quickly that we’ve established a clear industry connection and area of specialty that we weren’t communicating clearly.

Where we excel is helping brands and organizations develop and maintain engaging and effective visual identities. Helping them to clearly communicate the benefits they offer their unique audiences in a way that’s digestible and clear, and ensure their look, feel and voice are carried throughout their brand consistently.

This change in focus, our team structure and realignment of our company values (which can be read on our about page, here), along with the fact we noticed quite a few “untapped” agencies popping up in the market, made us want to solidify this resparked focus with a new name for our design studio.

Several long nights and lists of choices later, Rivetry Design Studio was born.

The word Rivetry perfectly captured a primary goal we have behind every project we take on – to fully capture the attention of our clients audience and to give them a compelling a reason to act. To be riveting.

Danny Wethern, our founder, leads and manages every project we work on, so communication is straight forward and you never got lost in the shuffle like working with a large design agency. Whenever a project calls for it, we have a wide range of trusted collaborators, all with unique skillsets which help drive a project to success. This approach allows us to build tailored teams selected exclusively for the business we’re working with and the audience we’re speaking to, so we only use talent that’s perfect for the job at hand.

We're beyond excited to continue growing and assisting our clients with their branding and design needs across print and digital, and feel absolutely honored to have had the success we've seen so far. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at